Connecting individuals of the rural economy

Central to REDS is this comprehensive directory of small enterprises in rural Scotland, something that hasn’t existed before. The aims of the directory are:

  • To be a central reference point enabling customers, suppliers, and visitors to find businesses by geography and sector.

  • To stimulate connection and collaboration between rural businesses that are spread far and wide across Scotland.

  • To provide a platform for government, agencies, and supporting organisations to engage with smaller enterprises more effectively.




(self employed, small business, social enterprise or similar organisation, with 1-9 FTE employees, annual turnover below £500k.):

  • Subscription: £10 per calendar month

  • No joining fee


For larger rural organisations

  • Subscription: £10 per calendar month.

  • Joining donation to REDS fund:

  • 10-20 FTE employees - £500

  • 21-50 FTE employees – £1000

  • 51-100 FTE employees - £3000

  • 101-250 FTE employees - £5000

  • Over 250 FTE employees - £10000


Donations to the REDS fund will be used solely to provide grant funding to support rural businesses. They are charitable donations so may contribute to your organisation’s CSR targets.


Special Offer: No subscriptions will be due until October 1st 2020 for early sign-ups, and for the first 50 subscribers this free period will be extended until January 1st 2021.

Why isn’t the directory free?​

It is essential that the directory is kept live and current. This will require constant checking and maintenance, and support for directory subscribers will be available to keep their business information and images up to date. GrowBiz is a charity and must ensure that the costs incurred in maintaining the directory are covered. Local discounts or free listing may be available in some locations depending on the partnerships and collaborations GrowBiz develop (for example with local business associations). There are also a suite of other benefits of joining the directory.

Benefits of joining the REDS Directory


Joining the directory:

  • Puts your business on the map and will help customers find you.

  • Enables you to apply for a REDS grant to develop your business in collaboration with rural partners.

  • Gives you access to practical business support from GrowBiz and its delivery partners.

  • Gives you the opportunity to join the REDS card programme, an innovative local currency scheme enabling REDS gift cards to be spent in your business, which also works as an additional promotional tool – at no additional cost to your business.

  • Contributes to this national resource, increasing awareness of the role and importance of the rural economy.


Non-rural based micro-enterprises that operate in the rural economy can to be listed on the Directory but are not eligible for all of the member benefits. For more details please contact us.

Joining is simple. Click below to be taken to the application form, fill that in and a GrowBiz advisor will be in touch to help you complete your application. Or if you’d like further information about any aspect of REDS, please contact us.

Submission guidelines


We've put together some handy guidelines to help you with your submission. Click the button below to download them.


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