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Cairngorm Confidence Outdoors


1:1 support from an Outdoor Confidence Coach to facilitate access to a range of outdoor activities for all.

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Cairngorm Confidence Outdoors
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How do you know that you can't do something, if you have never tried? Meet with your Outdoor Confidence Coach. Discuss positive steps that you have decided to take in life and what level of support is needed to achieve your goals. Plan activities that you would like to try, but have never had the confidence do. Work with experienced, qualified coaches in the field, in the water and in the mountains to improve your wellbeing, sense of purpose and confidence, then transfer these new skills into other areas of your life. Cairngorm Confidence Outdoors removes walls, removes barriers and removes limits, making outdoor activity accessible to all, in a motivating, self-directed way, using your Outdoor Confidence Coach as a 1:1 familiar support for your chosen activities, at your chosen level.