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REDS Card: How Does It Work?

Updated: May 27

The REDS Card is a gift card for rural Scotland, designed to boost spending in Scotland's rural economy.

The REDS Card is a pre-paid gift card which cardholders can only redeem with participating REDS members either in store or online.

Giving a REDS Card directly supports rural Scotland as the card value is loaded at the point of purchase and can only be redeemed in participating rural businesses.

Key Facts

  • The REDS Card is a private label prepaid Mastercard. It works just like a Mastercard debit transaction, with no extra charges.

  • Anyone can purchase a REDS Card to use themselves or to give as a gift. The chosen amount of money is preloaded to the card at the point of purchasing the card.

  • A REDS card be redeemed with all participating REDS businesses.

  • All REDS businesses that accept card paymentsare eligible to be part of the REDS Card programme.

  • The REDS card is compatible with most payment systems including iZettle, SumUp, Paypal, traditional card readers and more.

  • Visit www.ruralscotlandgiftcard.scot to buy a REDS Card and see a list of the businesses where the card can be redeemed.

  • The REDS Card is provided by Miconex in partnership with EML Payments.

If you have any questions about the REDS Card take a look at our FAQ below.


How do I accept the REDS Card?

The REDS card does not feature Chip and Pin and is accepted by swiping the card through the magstripe reader on your card terminal. It can also be used with payment terminals such as iZettle and Sumup by entering the card details on the terminal or generating a payment link. The card can also be used online.

Are there any additional charges incurred when accepting the REDS card?

No, the REDS card is charged as a Mastercard debit card transaction.

When do I receive payment?

The payment is a Mastercard transaction. Payment is received from your acquirer as per your merchant agreement.

Do I need to do anything before I can accept the REDS Card?

In order to accept the REDS Card, you will need register your details and to process a declined transaction through your card terminal. This enables us to pick up your Merchant ID and add it to a list of approved Merchant IDs.

I have self-service terminals that require Chip and PIN / contactless. Can I accept the REDS cards?

There are methods of using the REDS card with most payment terminals. Please email connect@REDS.scot if you need more information

Do I need to install anything?

You do not need to install any software or additional hardware to accept the REDS Card

How does the customer know how much money they have on their gift card?

The instructions of how to check the balance on the REDS card are written on the reverse of the card. The customers can call 0121 260 2849, check online www.getmybalance.com or scan the QR code to check their balance.

What happens if a customer wants to spend more than the value of the REDS card?

If the available balance on the REDS Card is less than the value of the purchase, you can split the payment and take payment of the remainder via another method.

If you have any queries about the REDS Card please reach out to us at connect@reds.scot.

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