A gift card for rural Scotland 

What is a REDS Card?

The REDS Rural Scotland Gift Card is a gift card which can be redeemed in-store or online with a range of independent businesses who have opted into the scheme.


The card works like any other prepaid gift card and is a tangible way of supporting Scotland’s small rural and island businesses. With every REDS Card purchased you are encouraging the cardholder to shop in small rural and island businesses which - more than ever - need our collective support and spending power.

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Where can I spend a REDS Card?

Choose gifts, experiences, stays and unique products from over 150 rural and island businesses, with more businesses joining the scheme every day.


​From high octane outdoor adventure experiences to artisan foods and one of a kind artworks, the REDS Card is a gift card packed with choice.

Purchase a REDS Card here and see a full list of places where the card can be redeemed.

How do I use my REDS card?

The REDS card can be used in shops, restaurants and other physical premises just like any payment card. If the value of your purchase is less than the balance on your card, the payment goes through as normal and the balance is left on your card to be spent on another occasion. If the spend is higher than the balance on the card, the merchant will have to split your payment and you can pay the rest using another payment method.

Using your REDS card online at participating businesses is similar. For purchases less than the balance on your card the payment is straightforward. At the online checkout, if you have to select a card type select Mastercard Debit or Mastercard. Enter the 16 digit card number and expiry date from the front of your REDS card. The CVV (3 digit security code) is the 3 digits above the QR code (square barcode) on the rear of the card (as shown here).

Most websites don't have the functionality to accept more than one method of payment for a sale, so if you wish to spend your REDS card on items with a value greater than the balance on your card, you may have to contact the site owner and arrange to split the payment offline. Most REDS card merchants are happy to do this.

For merchants - how do I join the REDS Card scheme?

The REDS card programme is a great way to attract new customers, keen to support the rural economy, to your business. To join the network of rural businesses where REDS Cards can be redeemed. First you need to be listed on the Rural Enterprise Directory Scotland (REDS). 


REDS is an online directory designed to promote and encourage collaboration across Scotland’s rural and island business community. Businesses on REDS benefit from increased exposure and access to the REDS Card scheme.
Listing on REDS is simple and FREE. Once you have been accepted to REDS it is easy to join the REDS Card scheme. Please contact us and we can help you get on board.  

For more details about how the card works please read this short article

If you have any questions about the REDS Card or listing your business on REDS please get in touch

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