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for rural businesses across Scotland.


REDS is a membership programme for Scotland’s rural and island businesses which provides its members with tangible business support, financial support opportunities and connections with a national network of peers. 

By establishing a community of the business owners, self-employed and social enterprises that live and work in rural Scotland, REDS promotes the values and diversity of Scotland’s rural economy and will support the long term prosperity of these businesses.



REDS is an initiative led by the enterprise support charity GrowBiz Scotland, who have been supporting small business owners, the self-employed and social enterprises across rural Scotland for over a decade.

During the course of 2020, GrowBiz witnessed the hardships and suffering experienced by those who have poured years of hard work into building successful businesses and watched them collapse overnight as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown. Months on, and many are still unable to re-open. Those that have resumed trading are constantly navigating changing restrictions and struggling to balance reduced income with new costs to stay safe and remain viable.

The Scottish and UK Governments continue to provide much needed temporary funding but many businesses have found themselves ineligible for these funds. If Scotland’s network of small rural and island businesses is to recover in the long-term, they’ll need access to flexible finance and business support mechanisms, such as training and collaboration opportunities that are designed specifically for the challenges encountered by businesses operating rurally. 

REDS was established in 2020 to provide this much needed support to the rural economy. 

REDS supports its members through 4 key initiatives. 

The REDS Fund is a source of flexible grant funding for REDS member businesses.  


The REDS Fund was established in response to the volume of small financial investments required by businesses to adapt to the new COVID-19 landscape. The ability to apply for a REDS Fund grant is exclusive to REDS members.

Membership of REDS costs £10 per month which contributes directly to building the REDS Fund. When you join REDS you become eligible to apply for financial support for your own business and contribute to building a pot of sustained economic support that can only be accessed by businesses like yours long into the future. 

●    Access grant funding of up to £1000. 
●    Supporting our aim of encouraging collaboration between rural business, grants are distributed on a 50:50 principal wherever possible. 

Find out more about how the REDS Fund works here.

A comprehensive online directory of Scotland’s rural businesses. 

REDS aims to make every small rural and island business visible and to stimulate community, collaboration and trade between REDS member businesses. 

The directory is promoted across Scotland to members and the general public as a tool to solve their business and consumer needs whilst supporting Scotland’s small rural and island businesses.

In addition to the directory, REDS holds monthly networking and peer learning sessions which are member-only events designed in response to your feedback and requests for specific support. 

●    Every member receives a unique listing on the REDS directory. 
●    Monthly networking and interactive learning sessions with subject matter experts to develop your skills and establish connections throughout the REDS community. 

See our upcoming member events here

A gift card scheme for REDS member businesses 


The REDS Card promotes the strength of variety within the rural economy and encourages shopping and trade with REDS member businesses.

A REDS Card works like a typical gift card and can be purchased by anyone here. REDS Cards can be redeemed either in-store or online with any of the REDS member businesses who have opted into the scheme. It is free for REDS members to opt into the REDS Card.


With more than 120 businesses accepting the REDS Card, and more joining each day, a REDS Card makes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to experience a little bit of rural Scotland. 

●    This innovative gift card program drives new customers to participating businesses. 
●    The REDS Card can be spent in-store or online. 
●    Purchase a REDS Card or find out where you can spend it here

Find out more about the REDS Card here.

REDS Enterprise support 
One to one business support from a national network. 


In addition to monthly learning sessions led by subject matter experts, REDS members can access one to one enterprise support services from GrowBiz and their national network of partners. 

●    Monthly learning sessions designed in response to your requests for support. 
●    Access GrowBiz’s award-winning mentoring programme, one to one enterprise support sessions and peer learning opportunities. 
●    REDS brings together the many agencies, support organisations, and experts that work to support enterprise here in Scotland and match our members to the support they need. 


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The REDS project is led by GrowBiz with support from the following organisations