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Susie Black Fitness


Pilates, Personal Training, Older Adult Training, Postural Stability Training, Weight Management, Goal setting

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Susie Black Fitness
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Susie is not your usual Personal Trainer.

After having children she experienced severe and enduring back pain and was unable to work and at constant risk of nerve pain from bulging vertebral discs. Discovering that the only way to manage her pain was through exercise, when it came to finding a new career Susie could only consider options that would allow her to keep her body mobile. Retraining as a Personal Trainer was as much about helping herself as anyone else.

Some years later, Susie still finds that exercise remains key to managing her back and, while she can now live mostly pain free, it still comes at the cost of daily exercise.

This gives Susie a unique insight into what kick starts exercise routines and why they so often don't work. She’s not a natural exerciser and, although she loves her work, she understands the barriers that prevent others from taking the leap into fitness as a form of long term preventative medicine. Grateful every day that she took the time to study physical activity, the effect it has on wellness and on personal pain management, Susie loves helping other people discover the same.

Susie’s clients very much reflect her own journey. Many are considering how their body has fared through work, life and family obligations. They're now looking to the future and making the decision that they can take the time to focus on their health. Like Susie, they find that life is easier when the body is fit and your life can become easier, too.